Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reflection for 2011

Wow what a year this has been! I’m the leader for St Pius X, 2011. This year has been the best, even thou my class and I had been through bad times and good times, together. I'm also really pleased with myself because my academic level of learning has increased.

Through out the year in Maths I have learnt how to use my operations to solve maths problems. In Writing I learnt to write persuasive writings and other. In Reading I learnt to find information in text easy.

Term 2 was a lot of fun especially when all the yr 8’s and I went on a retreat at St Francis Retreat Centre. We all learnt leadership and communication. I especially learnt to be doers not hearers.

In term 3 our school had a portable pool. During term 3 I became a better swimmer and learnt some safety skills if your lost or hurt.

Last of all, in term 4 my class went on a Activity Week. I had a great fun time with my friends. I learnt to Kayak, Ten Pin Bowling, and have fun! Tomorrow is my last day. I’m really happy to leave with all the happy fun, and sad memories I had at St Pius X Catholic School.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Reflection on Religious Education

I learnt the golden rule is to treat others the way you would want to be treated. I also learnt who can help me develop my conscience.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wild Fan Zone

There was shouting and yelling and laughing everywhere. I couldn‘t believe that Baby Bash was singing on stage here in Mangere for free. Baby Bash is a Famous singer. I adore! him. He sang one of his songs (Sugar Sugar) I sang along on the chorus.

It was crowned just in few seconds. Baby Bash was holding a microphone and the other waving the All Blacks flag. He had two dancers one in each side. Lights sparkled brightly with different colours blue, red,and yellow. Everyone went wild, danced to the song, and sang with him.

I couldn‘t stop staring at him. He wore a silver watch, and a silver chain necklace. He had like a sideburns coming down to his chin and one between his nose and mouth. I really loved! his glowing dark green eyes. It was beautiful.

Later on Baby Bash came off stage and started shaking his fans hands. I pushed my self through people. I don‘t know how I managed to get in front? I screamed “Baby! Bash!! HERE”

He looked at me and shook my hand for 2 seconds. He shook my hand again on the other side of the stage. I was shocked.

Friday, August 26, 2011

What I learnt on maths time!

This week I've learnt how to use tidy numbers to solve my addition and subtraction problems. Example

84 + ? = 104
Now I add 6 to 84= 90
90+ 10=100 Add 4= 104
6 + 10 + 4 = 20

Talking my Netbook home

Taking my Netbook home.

Taking my Netbook home for the first time made me have goosebumps. When I arrived at home I hoped outside the van quickly. I walked really fast, holding my Netbook carefully. I opened the door. I dumped my school bag on the floor, put my Netbook away and went for a quick shower.
After that, I peeked out for my mum. I rushed to my Netbook. A voice gave me a fright. I jumped up. "Don't forget to put your uniform, your bag, and your lunchbox away" mum demanded . " Oooh!! maaan!" I moaned.
“ I’m done mum. I could go on the-” “ NOT YET!.. Now, can you take the empty bottles to the recycle bin” asked mum. “ Anything else you want me to do” “ No but thank you Tuli” said mum.
Later on I got to go on, “ Finally!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Talent Show

“ Now, Joshua is going to sing Britney Spear’s song” the announcer said.
Everyone applauded. I stretched up to see him. He started to sing. Silence filled the hall. All I could hear was his lovely voice and the music. Suddenly his voice started wavery. His cheeks went red. Tears started to well down from his eyes . turned all watery and his cheeks went red. My heart broke. My body felt weak , and sad.
Surprisingly, Justice jumped up and danced. Other boys and girls joined in the dance at the back of Joshua. The whole crowd started clapping. I clapped too.
What a wonderful support. What a Saint Pius X spirit. I was so proud of everyone.