Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Best!! Athletics day ever!

St Pius X school had their Athletics day on Friday 18 of March 2011 .

I changed in my sport clothes and got our Geckos banner. Teachers was giving points to house teams. My team sat up. Folded their arms in silence.

Mean while it was almost my turn to race. I felt butterflies in my stomach later on. “The twelve year old boys and girls please walked to the start line”, announced Mrs Pole.

Walking with the other girls and boys feeling nervous. I chose a track and got ready in my position. “ On Your Marks Get set Go!” shouted Mr Gaffney .

I Zoomed off!. My legs ran as fast it could go.At the end of the race I had a big smile. I came first place! I was in the finals with a lot of fast girls. After that I xzchose the same track as before. I Went in the same position. “On Your Marks Get Set Go!!!” shouted Mr Gaffney.

I looked up everyone was already sprinting. I was not paying any attention. I ran and ran.I caught up to two fast runners that was coming first and second. Just a little bit faster I said to myself.

A few fast running steps I got ahead. Past the finishing line. Geckos lifted their fist up in the air shouting for joy.

After that was the cheer off.
First Geckos had to begin. We formed half a circle. Sione Fohe counted us down to start,” One, Two, Three!”

“ Who are, who are, who are we, we are , we are somebody!. Cant you see, cant you guess we’re the team that is the best!!” cheered all the Geckos. Team by team shouted their chant.Some did good and some did OK.

At the end of the Athletics Mr Coakley announced the winners for the best behavior. Also the winners for the races.

“First place for the races are.....GECKOS!!”.... We all jumped up in the sky shouting and screaming.

We sat back down on the tarpaulins . “And the winners for the well best behavior is....AGAIN GECKOS!” shouted Mr Coakley.

I felt so lucky that we won both of them. That was the end of Athletics day. Hope you enjoyed it, like the Geckos did to (:

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