Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reflection for 2011

Wow what a year this has been! I’m the leader for St Pius X, 2011. This year has been the best, even thou my class and I had been through bad times and good times, together. I'm also really pleased with myself because my academic level of learning has increased.

Through out the year in Maths I have learnt how to use my operations to solve maths problems. In Writing I learnt to write persuasive writings and other. In Reading I learnt to find information in text easy.

Term 2 was a lot of fun especially when all the yr 8’s and I went on a retreat at St Francis Retreat Centre. We all learnt leadership and communication. I especially learnt to be doers not hearers.

In term 3 our school had a portable pool. During term 3 I became a better swimmer and learnt some safety skills if your lost or hurt.

Last of all, in term 4 my class went on a Activity Week. I had a great fun time with my friends. I learnt to Kayak, Ten Pin Bowling, and have fun! Tomorrow is my last day. I’m really happy to leave with all the happy fun, and sad memories I had at St Pius X Catholic School.

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