Friday, June 10, 2011

Year 8 Retreat

Just as I arrived at St Francis for retreat with the yr8s a man greeted us kindly, his name was Br Philip. He told all of us some rules before we could walk inside the building. The yr8s and I took our shoes off, that was one of the rules.
I walked inside, at the right hand corner I saw the Chapel (I can‘t wait to go there). We all got to experience around the building and got everything settled. Soon we did fun exciting activities, it was time to eat.
At the end of our retreat I was sad to leave, but our 2nd to last activity was to tell everyone what we were going to take away with us from the experience. I said at Camp is a place where we have fun and play around, but in Retreat is a place where we all pray, and have enough sleep.
When we got ready to leave we all said goodbye to Fr Bernie, Br Philip, and Joanne.:(

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