Friday, August 26, 2011

Talking my Netbook home

Taking my Netbook home.

Taking my Netbook home for the first time made me have goosebumps. When I arrived at home I hoped outside the van quickly. I walked really fast, holding my Netbook carefully. I opened the door. I dumped my school bag on the floor, put my Netbook away and went for a quick shower.
After that, I peeked out for my mum. I rushed to my Netbook. A voice gave me a fright. I jumped up. "Don't forget to put your uniform, your bag, and your lunchbox away" mum demanded . " Oooh!! maaan!" I moaned.
“ I’m done mum. I could go on the-” “ NOT YET!.. Now, can you take the empty bottles to the recycle bin” asked mum. “ Anything else you want me to do” “ No but thank you Tuli” said mum.
Later on I got to go on, “ Finally!!

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